Your church can have an impact exponentially greater than your size or budget. Discover how relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people at home and abroad can be catalytic in the transformation of your church.

Pastor Keith Stewart, a veteran pastor of 28 years at Springcreek Church in suburban Dallas, Texas knows firsthand how such change is possible and within the reach of every congregation. This leadership forum will be packed with challenging teaching, practical examples, and resources to equip you as a leader in the transformation of your church for God’s kingdom purposes.

Keith Stewart
Keith Stewart

Expert in mutual transformation ministry and powerful advocate for people ensnared by injustice.

Founder and senior pastor of Springcreek Church in Dallas, Texas, Keith has seen his congregation grow from a handful of people to thousands. A tireless advocate for people fighting poverty, he has worked extensively with World Vision, teaching missional theology for Pastor Vision Trips, consulting, speaking, fundraising, and writing. He currently serves on World Vision’s Ministry Advisory Council, as well as on the faculty of the Imani Leadership Institute, which empowers churches and pastors across Africa.

A few years ago, Keith and Springcreek Church experienced a life-changing revelation from God, which he details in We Were Wrong: An Evangelical Pastor’s Radical Transformation Through Following Jesus in the Margins, also available in Spanish and Portuguese. In his book, Keith tells his story of traveling halfway around the world thinking he was going to save Africa, only to discover God had something radically different in mind.

Currently, Springcreek Church offers recovery ministries, elder care, ministries for prior offenders and those experiencing homelessness, and the largest disability ministry in the state of Texas. In 2014, Keith received the prestigious Bridge Builder Award from the Garland NAACP for his work with the community.

Keith studied at Welch College and Dallas Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Brenda, live in Garland, Texas and have two daughters and two granddaughters.

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