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Keith Stewart
2018 Church Leaders Forum

The 5 Conversions of the Church:
Waking up to an expansive view of the fullness of the Gospel

Your church can have an impact exponentially greater than your size or budget. Discover how relationships with the world’s most vulnerable people at home and abroad can be catalytic in the transformation of your church with Pastor Keith Stewart, a veteran pastor of 28 years at Springcreek Church in suburban Dallas, Texas.

Our 2017 Forum – Flying in Formation: Discover new ways of being better together by releasing the potential in your ministry teams and volunteers.
Grow your ministry teams and your impact! Join Dr. Steve Brown as he guides you on a journey of discovering how better led teams can transform a church ministry.


Cultivating a Culture of Dare: Ministry Vision & Strategy with Mark Buchanan . Spring 2017.


Heart & Soul of the City: Neighbourhood Mapping (Local Neighbourhood Engagement) with Dr. John Fuder (Moody Theological Seminary) – Spring 2015.


Shifting Stats: Shaking the Church (Canada’s Changing Demographics) with Bruxy Cavey (The Meeting House) and Dr. Don Moore (World Vision Canada) Spring 2014.


Upsidedown Kingdom (Social Justice) with Shane Claiborne (The Simple Way) Spring 2013.


World Changers (Youth Ministry) with Al Mertes (Prairie Bible Institute) Spring 2012

Beyond the Welcome (Immigration) with William vanGeest (Public Policy Expert) Spring 2011

Taking Down the Goliaths (Church Advocacy) with Doug Blackburn and Amoka Wameyo (World Vision Canada) Spring 2010

35 and Out of the Church with Colin McCartney (Urban Promise) and Paul Robertson (Youth Unlimited) Fall 2009

Face of Poverty in Canada with Clayton Rowe (World Vision Canada) Spring 2009

Building Relationships with the International Church with Ernest Fraser (World Vision South Africa) and Harold Percy (Wycliffe College) Fall 2008

Christian Muslim Intersections with Chawkat Moucarry (World Vision International) Spring 2008

Busting the Boomer Myth with Reg Bibby (University of Lethbridge Sociologist) 2007